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-There are three gods: Celestia of the Heavens, Medisius of the Earth, and Dakara of the Underworld.

-Dakara would often come to Earth and terrorize the humans. One day, he raped a young peasant woman, who would later give birth to his son, Dakus.

-Dakus grew into a powerful warrior, and eventually rose in the ranks to becoming a personal guard for Medisius’ daughter, Clara. After years of protecting her, the two were in love.

-Seeing how powerful his son had become, Dakara began contacting Dakus, trying to persuade him to take command of his dark army. Loyal to Clara’s father, Dakus refused.

-Angered by this, Dakara killed Clara, causing a great war between Hell and Earth. After Clara ascended into the Heavens, Medisius dispersed himself among special artifacts scattered throughout the Earth, forming a magical barrier around it. This barrier prevented the gods from ever entering Earth again.

-Devastated by the death of his lover, Dakus attempted suicide. Being a half-god, he was also unable to pass through the barrier, and was trapped on Earth to spend eternity alone.

-Using their godly bond, Dakara was still able to contact Dakus, and convince him to seek out the artifacts. If he were to destroy them, the barrier would break, and Dakus would be able to enter the Heavens with Clara. Meanwhile, Dakara would have his own plans in mind…

Main Page

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