The Trials and Tribulations of Badass Motherfuckers

Quest I: Killing Dragons and Stuff

-The story began with two best friends: Datarin, the heroic and adventurous warrior, and Abel, the greedy asshole/fire mage. The two were approached by the mayor of Small Happy Common Town, who told them of the disease and famine that had swept the town. He believed that the plague was coming from the town’s river, which was tainted by a mysterious black substance. The river is Small Happy Common Town’s main source of water, and it flows down from the deadly Norwood Cave. He made a proposition with them, that if they would enter the cave and find the source of the plague, he would reward them 500 gold pieces each. Datarin, craving adventure, and Abel, obssessed with money, accepted the dangerous task.

-On their way to the Norwood Cave, the adventurers came across a young boy named Ian, who was lost in the desert. The two decided to let him tag along until they finished their quest. When they entered the cave, the group was ambushed by an evil wizard. Ian was then captured and brought to the resting place of the infamous Black Dragon.

-Abel and Datarin discovered that Ian was the last heir of a Great Warrior who had slain the dragon years ago. (+50 XP) The young boy was sacrificed, and the power of his blood awakened the dragon.

-After an awesome battle, the duo defeated the wizard and his dragon. (2000 XP) After studying the tomb, they discovered that the plague was caused by the dragon’s blood, flowing into the river. Datarin decided to burn the dragon’s corpse, which purified its blood. (100 XP)

-While emptying the wizard’s pockets, Abel found a note from Lord Dakus, demanding that the Black Dragon must be awakened for his “special plans” to continue. Abel shoved the note in his pocket and they left the cave. (+50 XP)

-The adventurers returned to Small Happy Common Town with the good news, and the mayor awarded them as promised. Within a few days, the river was clean again.

-The dynamic duo caused many problems, and had many innocent people killed… (-100 XP)

-Total earnings: 2,100 XP; 1,500 GP


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